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What is: Having Your KIDNEY Donor Find YOU!

The thought of Having Your Donor Find YOU! sounds like an unusual approach to living kidney donation. But this is what actually happens. By spreading the word about your need, Your Donor Finds YOU! This new program helps overcome the primary obstacle of living donation — the thought of having to “ASK” someone to donate. But, most donors say, “No one asked me to donate, I heard about their situation and was motivated to help them.”

Harvey Mysel, a 2-time living kidney transplant recipient and founder of the not-for-profit Living Kidney Donors Network (LKDN), has been helping kidney patients for over a decade by giving workshops at transplant centers, dialysis clinics and many other organizations. This experience has provided him with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of how recipients find donors. Having Your KIDNEY Donor Find YOU! is a comprehensive video series with graphics that educates patients about kidney transplants and gives them the tools to mount a successful living donor campaign.

“Harvey Mysel’s “Having Your KIDNEY Donor Find You” videos are full of solid advice, valuable information, motivation and compassion. Listen and learn!” - Al Roth, Nobel Laureate (Developed the kidney exchanges that allows an incompatible donors to help their intended recipient by being involved in a paired exchange.)

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Having Your KIDNEY Donor Find YOU! sounds like an unusual approach to pursuing a live kidney donor. . Click here.

Kidney Transplant Thursdays
On the 2nd Thursday of every month Kidney Transplant Thursdays encourages the kidney transplant community to educate the public about the need for living kidney donors. For individuals, click here, for organizations, click here