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Address: 1001 Green Bay Rd.
                 Suite 178
                 Winnetka, IL 60093

Phone 312-473-3772

Living Kidney Donors Network
a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization

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The Living Kidney Donors Network (LKDN) would like to thank you for your interest in our organization. One of the LKDN goals is to keep you up to date on the news and changes that are occurring in the kidney transplant community. You will receive updates on new treatments, transplant recipient success stories, legislation that affects kidney transplants and events in your area.
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Harvey Mysel, Founder & President

Harvey established the LKDN after recognizing the need for better resources while pursuing a successful living kidney transplant in 2006. Our purpose is to share knowledge and build the confidence to enable the life changing benefits of living donation. Click here to learn more about Harvey.

Solutions are in everyone’s grasp.