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What is reverse transplantation Tourism? Click to read.

LKDN response to conversations about Reveres Transplant Tourisms. Click to read.


Kidney Patients Know Little About Transplant Benefits. Click to read.


Brains of kidney donors seem built for generosity. Click to read online or click here for a printable copy.


Preparing for the Wearable Artificial Kidney's first human clinical trial in the US. Click to read.


Single injection reverses type 2 diabetes symptoms in mice without side effectsn. Click to read online or click here for a printable copy.


Study shows women are less likely to opt to undergo living donor kidney transplantation. Click to read.


The Median Isn't the Message. Click to read.


University of Chicago Law School/Chicago Inbound – Altruism Exchanges and the Kidney Shortage. Click to read.


Empathy has been defined in the scientific journals as ‘I feel with you‘, as distinct from compassion, which has been defined as ‘I feel for you’. With empathy, we share another’s pain and we are very aware of the effects of our actions on them. With compassion, our focus moves a little in the direction of wishing them freedom from their pain. Click here to read.


DG News: Study Finds Kidney Donation Safe for Healthy Older Adultsy. Click here to read.


Retired teacher uses business cards to find kidney. Click here to read.


Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the renal transplant recipient. Click here to read.


Vital times: A glance at the role time plays in organ transplants. Click here to read.


Kidney Dialysis Life Expectancyn. Click here to read.


Simple urine test detects common causes of kidney dysfunction after transplantation. Click here to read.


National Kidney Registry Facilitates 1000th Transplant. Click here to read.


74-year-old man gets crucial kidney transplant after woman in First United Methodist congregation steps up. Click here to read.


Wearable artificial kidney trial to begin in next year. Click here to read.


In Israel, a New Approach to Organ Donation. Click here to read.


Could Low-Fat Yogurt Help Ward Off Diabetes?y. Click here to read.


Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the renal transplant recipient. Click here to read.


Billboard for O donor set up to help Becky Kelly in her search for a kidney. Click here to read.


Kidney snow sculpture designed to help find a donor. Click here to read.


Too risky to transplant. Click here to read.


Larry Swilling, whose sandwich board urged kidney for wife, finds donor. Click here to read.


Cash for Kidneys: The Case for a Market for Organs. Click here to read.


OPTN: The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network Public has proposed revisions to the deceased donor kidney allocation policy. Click here to read a summary of those changes.


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Harvey Mysel's articles

  • How Do We Increase the Number of Kidney Transplants? The Answer is Right Under Our Noses. Click here to read.
  • In Pursuit of a Living Kidney Transplant; It’s About Your Donor Finding You! Click here to read.


Barriers to Preemptive Kidney Transplantation

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What prospective kidney donors need to know

A surgeon with 20 years experience provides advice for donors
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Advances Expand Kidney Transplants

Read how new procedures are making it easier for sensitized patients to find a compatible donor and for others to be re-transplanted.
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Kidney donors have a normal life span, study finds

Potential kidney donors can stop worrying about the long-term effects such a donation might
have on their health and longevity. The first long-term study of kidney donors has found that people who give kidneys to others not only have a normal life span, they also have fewer kidney problems than the general population
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Kidney transplant get togethers may increase donation.

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One Kidney is More Than Enough

Living kidney donors survive, thrive, and rarely suffer from kidney problems. Read about Anthony Thein….his transplant occurred 42 years ago, in early January, 1967. Click here to read.

An inspirational story of a 17 year old who was born without any kidneys

He’s preparing for his 3rd kidney transplant. For the full story, Click here to read.

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